Consulting by Metaspatial: Resistance is Futile.

Metaspatial designs open and sustainable architectures with proven and standardized Free and Open Source technology to implement robust spatial data infrastructures. Software products include:

Whereever possible we suggest to use agile project management to incrementally implement sustainable geospatial solutions. We respect your organizational structures and help to protect your investment. A typical implementation cycles through several phases, each of which can be iterated:

  • User Requirements
  • User Stories (iterate)
  • Drafting Work Packages (iterate)
  • Prototyping (iterate)
  • Implementation (iterate)
  • Quality assessment (iterate)
  • Production

Scrum Process Iteration

Iterative cycles get your team up to speed effectively. Your staff will love to work this way, even if unfamiliar with agile methodologies. You will thoroughly understand the internal workings of software projects and learn how to get your implementation ready within schedule.

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Find selected presentations on Open Source, Open Data,Open Standards and agile project management in the geospatial realm.

You can also browse the list of publications for a more in-depth treatment of the above topics.