The Metaspatial Institute: Basic Research on Meditation


Research of the human mind is still in its infancy. Current economic and political trends show little interest in supporting the development of the mind. Economically it is easier to manipulate the uneducated into aquiring even more "stuff". Similarly the educated and self-confident are much harder to govern and control. Therefore there is little to no support from either the private industry or governments to fund open research on the human mind. Metaspatial is using a share of its humble income to do just that.

Current Activities

Metaspatial submitted an abstract at the 13th symposium of the Austrian Association for Psychology.

Thought Influences Matter? A Randomized Controlled Blind Study

Thomas Young conducted the double slit experiment in 1802 to prove the wave nature of light. In quantum mechanics this experiment is used to illustrate wave particle duality. In this experiment light waves collapse to particles when they are being observed or measured.

From this observation it can be assumed that thought can also influence matter. Only very little academic literature can be found on this topic. The objective of the present experiment is to find out whether such an influence can be ascertained and measured quantitatively.

In a randomized controlled blind experiment nine containers are filled with water and regular oryza nutrient matter, sealed and encoded. Subsequently the nine containers are subjected to a daily exposure of 90 seconds of directed positive and negative thought over a period of 14 days . In the control condition containers are not subjected to directed thought. Positive and negative thought of the experimenter are validated with a bio-feedback device. Photometric, acidity and conductivity measurements of the water saturated nutrient matter are evaluated as outcome parameters.

The Metaspatial Institut

The Metaspatial Institute conducts studies on the effects of meditation. The main focus lies on traditional Buddhist meditation practices of the Mahayana vehicle, specifically the Vajrayana path. This type of meditation has been developed over a millennium ago and has since proven to be effective but has so far not been studied to any depth with (western) scientific methods. Metaspatial tries to build bridges between western science and eastern mind schools to make this age old wisdom available to the people in our conflicted times.

Metaspatial was founded in 2008 by Arnulf Christl as an IT consultancy for geospatial data infrastructures. He is software architect and expert for geospatial data management with Open Source software. 15 years ago he started his meditation practice in the Vajrayana tradition of Tibetan Buddhism and has since studied Buddhist philosophy and ritual practices. In 2011 he completed a hospice training course at the Lighthouse Bonn association and has since then also worked in terminal care with dying and their next of kin.